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City Gap Lindau/Lake Constance
Ralf und Beate Baethge, Lindau
Location:Cramergasse 10, 88131 Lindau
Description:The building closes a gap in the ensemble of Lindau’s historic centre. The lot, at its most narrow point, is a mere 2,90 meters in width. Consequently, the narrow portion of the lot was left undeveloped since the restructuring after a city fire in 1728. The fully glazed façade addresses the challenge to provide a maximum amount of natural sunlight for the store depth of 35 meters. The building integrates itself into the urban fabric without denying its characteristics as object, which resulted from this specific and unusual building task.
Publications:Bauwelt 3/1996
Erco Lichtbericht 8/1996
Deutsche Bauzeitung 1/1997
Jahrbuch Architektur DAM 1997
Lotus 92 Mailand 1997
Glasbauatlas Edition Detail München 1998
Architekturführer Bodensee Niggli Verlag Zürich 2005
Cost:655.000 €
Area:718 m²
Services:Design, Final Plan, Specifications, Construction Supervision
Architects:Richard Waldmann, Christof Wallner